Friday, March 20, 2009


I wonder how long haven I abandoned my dear little blog..
"lazyness" is always be the main reason for tat..heheXD
sorry lerrr...

Today is the last day of for registeration of degree course.
Jason, Kumar, Ju, Han, Edward, Jeev and me meet at the college to sama-sama register for our degree course.
At the end, I have make up my mind to choose BIS - business information system as my future degree certificate.

Reason: In the beginning, i'm interested in business course but I feel quite bored if just focus on the business subject(as i know, mostly will be theory thing..boringggg~~~). So during the education fair 2008, i was attracted by the course name Business Information System in the SUC booth. After a brief explanation by Christopher, I'm really into the course since it's a combination of business and IT, make me feel more worth than jz study the normal business admin.
(the above statement is purely my own comment, not affend^^)

It's a very tiring day...we took hours to finish up our registration.(x.x)
1. see ms.Corrine to know our result for sem 3 final exam and the average percentage.
Overall, the result is quite satisfied=)
I can get discount for my 1st year degree course!! feel so happy for tat=D
I can save money for my parent and may be I can get a laptop with the deducted money(haizz..but dunno how long I need to wait for that)
2. see ms. Alice to get signature for the application form.
3. walked to the information centre to submit the form.
4. Get a voucher to redeem application fees from the payment counter
5. get back to the info. centre with the receipt to take the offer letter.

the most troublesome process would'nt less than the application of the epf withdrawal for tution fees...(x.x)
it need lot of procedure to apply for it..haizzzzz*烦啊.......*

After finished up all the procedure, we went to a chinese restaurant in ss15 for lunch, famous for pork noodle, which recommended by Jason and belanja by him oso..hehe^^
*jason, u r soooooooo nice,thks ya^^*

while waiting for food~...

Conversation between Edward and Me(briefly)

Me: Klang izit famous for seafood??
Edward: Ya. A lot of people like to go a place nearby the sea to eat seafood wan.
Me: ohhhh~~~
Edward: sometimes while u sitting there, you will be surrounded by water..damn scary wei!!
Me: haha..why?? U scare there will be shark around you ahh?
Edward: nola
Me: then the shark jump up and attack you OMG
Edward(face expression): .........
Me: hey, den u can get shark fin for free niceeee..
Edward: ya nice wei..
(face expression):(-.-")

Conversation between Ju Keat(Ju a.k.a lala), Edward and Me
Ju keat ordered 2nd glass of "leong ca"(he finished the 1st glass before the food cum)

Me: Wah, u finished it so fast ah?!
Ju: yala..very thirsty
Me: I know!! lala nid more water wan..if not, u will dried upXD
Ju: Wtttttt....
(the drink reached alr)
Ju: why got so many coconut inside wan ah??(in the drink)
Me: good la..coconut can protect your shell wat?!XD
Edward: how can coconut protect shell?? (''.)?
Me: cannnn...u chop off the coconut, cover the lala inside it and closed it again la...
Edward & Ju expression: (-.-")

which one is lamer??
welcome to vote for it!! XD

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